A Hero and a Garden

-- A Hero and a Garden -- This isn't your typical "knight swoops in and saves the princess" story.

A Hero and a Garden is a cute, short, and sweet visual novel game about a knight who, believing his childhood friend, the princess, has been taken against her will, rampages through a monster village, harming the residents who live there. When he learns that, in fact, the princess is there by choice and is happy there, he is in disbelief. He's cursed by the witch to remain in town and work planting and selling berries until he's worked enough to pay off the damages to the town. His attitude begins to shift and he even makes some friends along the way.

I played this game back in November 2020 after seeing it listed as a queer game somewhere out there on the internet. And sure enough, even though it's only a short and sweet story, playing the knight is the very first time I've ever been afforded the chance to play as an explicitly MLM protagonist in a video game <3


The game is worth a couple dollars to pick up, and I'd highly recommend it for anyone who wants something short and sweet to play.

Once upon a time, there was a princess trapped in a tower by an evil witch. Would anyone attempt to rescue her?

A brave hero attempted to save her, but things didn’t exactly work out for him! In a twist of fate, our young hero is now forced to repay all the damage he caused to the local monster villagers by… growing a garden?

-- Description from Nintendo.com


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