Welcome to jebug29.pw! The bulk of this site is probably not going to be viewable on mobile. Sorry!

I've had this domain for a while now and just recently decided to start using it for Gemini. On the web, it's been redirecting to my personal URL shortener, x29.pw. Gemini plus doing HTML lessons for Computer Club made me think that maybe I should make a website where every page (or at least nearly every page) is hand-coded. This would, of course, mean no fancy headers on each page or crazy server-side autogeneration like I use for the Computer Club website and Sector Disk, but it would mean a one hundred percent organic site that in some way celebrates the web as it was many years ago and could well be now if more people were just interested in simple coding in the name of a lightweight web than a million layers of abstraction in the name of "quick, fast, and pretty".

Don't get me wrong, all my other sites are hand-built, but the majority of the labor went into years of building up skills in server-side scripting to autogenerate sites on demand as soon as a user requests the page from their web browser. For this one, though, I just want something simple, and I hope that people can appreciate that.


Also check out A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SITE via the Gemini protocol!

For a more complete list of my websites and online projects, see my Computer Club homepage.